Pilates is an exercise and physical movement method that was developed 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates. It is designed to control your body, mind and muscles. Joseph rehabilitated injured WW1 soldiers in England and later used his method (back then called “Contrology”) on professional athletes and dancers in New York City to prevent them from getting injured and reach their peak performance.

It is a systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns. Your deep abdominal strength, joint mobility, flexibility, blood circulation and balance will be trained. In that way it will improve your posture, you will feel more energetic, taller and stronger and be able to do more things in life! Pilates is suitable for everyone, all ages and from beginners to professional athletes.



About Moving is located on the historical 17th century canal belt of Amsterdam, in a former merchant’s house built in 1625.

The studio has beautiful views over the inner gardens and a private studio with original ceiling paintings from over 400 years ago.

With views of the gardens and a historical studio, this is the most unique studio in the world.

There is a private shower, private change-rooms and beautiful art in the studio.

To enter, just ring “pilates studio”.



Anique started ballet at age 4. In 2003 she got her bachelor degree in dance at the Dutch National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. Since then she has been working as a ballet dancer internationaIly. Her biggest role was the “White Cat” in the musical Cats that she played in the Netherlands, England and Germany.
Pilates has always been a big part of her ballet training.
She followed several Pilates teacher training courses at the Pilates Company, Kineticode Pilates and the studio comprehensive education from Polestar Pilates.
Anique taught the dancers at “Dance in Art” (Haarlem) and Stage Entertainment musical performers. Since December 2015 she is teaching the Dutch Olympic rowers, who won gold and silver medals on the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Since beginning 2017 she opened ABOUT MOVING.