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Group classes

The group classes are on the mat and with not more than 9 people, to be able to give more attention to the clients. I adept the level of the class according to the group. In general the level will be “beginners”. New people can always join. During class i can give variations to make the exercises easier or harder. We work with props like balls, rollers and dynabands.


New clients only 2 classes € 16,00 ( Valid 2 weeks) 
Single class € 16,00 (2 weeks)
5 classes € 70,00 (Valid 2 months) 
10 classes € 130,00 (Valid 4 months)



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Private Classes

The PRIVATE classes are custom made specifically for your needs and goals. We can have a closer look at your posture (injuries), and help you in a more efficient way.
The equipment we use are the Trapeze table, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel and small props. Those give you more assistance and feedback to the body. Gravity of the body weight can be adjusted or you can do the exercises with more power. 

Single class € 60,00
5 classes € 280,00 (Valid 2 months) 
10 classes € 540,00 (Valid 4 months)

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