Group Classes

The group mat classes have a maximum of 9 people in each class.
We keep our classes intimate so the teacher is able to give individual attention to every client.
We calibrate the level of the class according to the level of the group. In general the level will be “beginners”.
New students are always welcome to join our classes, as each class is different, and does not require prior experience.
We adjust each class to make the exercises easier or harder, depending on the group or individual’s experience.
We work with props like balls, rollers, and dynabands in our mat classes.


Try Out class € 10,00 (Valid 2 weeks) 
Single class € 16,00 (Valid 1 month)
5 classes € 70,00 (Valid 2 months) 
10 classes € 130,00 (Valid 4 months)

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Private classes

The private classes are tailored specifically to the needs and goals of the client.
We work with clients’ posture and/or prior injuries to develop an efficient approach to help you achieve your goals.
The equipment we use are the Trapeze table, Reformer, Chair, Ladder Barrel and small props.
In our private classes, we use these machines to give more immediate feedback to our client’s body and helps pinpoint areas for improvement.
The machines can be calibrated for each client, either heavier or lighter depending on your specific needs.


Single class € 60,00 (Valid 1 month)
5 classes € 285,00 (Valid 2 months) 
10 classes € 540,00 (Valid 4 months)

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