What should I wear to the class?

Wear clothing that feels good and soft on your body. Make sure that you don’t have a thick elastic band around your waist. No shoes but socks or bare feet are welcome.

I never did pilates, can i just join?

Yes, you can always drop in! The teacher will guide you through the class and you can always ask questions before, during and after the class. Another option is to start with some private classes to get you more used to the concepts and material.

Payment failed?

Maybe your browser is not up to date, sometimes IDEAL will not be supported if you use an old browser. Or maybe you don’t have a Dutch bank account, then IDEAL won’t work either. Contact us and we will help you set up an account and you can pay in cash before the class.

How can I book a new group class?

Click here. On that page you’ll see the link “book a class...” or “Login to your account”. When you have an account you can buy new classes in our booking system “Fitmanager”. When you’ve bought a single group class or a package of 5 or 10 classes, you can reserve your classes in the schedule (which you’ll find on the same page).

How can I book a private class?

First contact the studio via the contact form or email and let us know your goals. We will find a suitable time to do the class. After that you will receive a conformation link in your email that needs to be confirmed. The last step is the payment which needs to be done before the class. You will receive a payment link in your email to pay for the class.